Friday, January 7

Small business marketing: Quickest way to the poor house is... 

This smart marketing tidbit came across my desk from Joan Stewart, aka the Publicity Hound:
One of the most valuable tips I learned is that the onslaught of emails I'm receiving from business people offering cut-rate prices on their products and services is, for them, the quickest way to the poor house. In fact, raising prices, even in a meltdown economy, is one of the fastest ways to success.
Why is this so smart? Well, because Joan agree with me on this point. I'm not ashamed to share with you that for 2009, I've just raised my speaking fee. And not by a little - by a lot. Specifically, it's up by 33%. And it wasn't low to start with.
What are YOU doing to raise yourself above the competition - both literally with pricing and in other more customer-centric ways?


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