Thursday, February 12

The problem with consulting... in 1 sentence 

Here, a fellow consultants responds via email to a series of short, simple questions.
Did you find the concept interesting?
The short answer is “somewhat”, but as a consultant I just can’t live with the short answer...
Arrgh!! In my view -- and my view is specifically called UNCONSULTING -- the simpler my answer, the more it's worth.

Wednesday, February 11

Corporate training's image problem -- up close 

This is NOT a joke - it's an actual training request posted to my local ASTD chapter.

We work for [client name removed to avoid lawsuit] and would like classes on sexual harassment, professionalism at work, long term commitment, absenteeism,and tardiness, alcohol and drug abuse, bad attitudes, foul and inappropriate language, threats and fighting etc. In other words we need a professional company who can explain proper work ethics and the ability to function within a closed environment at [client].

As you can see I am the regional director located in Texas our main office is located in California. This is our first experience with workers in PA it looks like we have a lot to learn. Our own training works very well in our own area but appears to be lacking on the east coast.

I would appreciate any information on classes you offer and their effectiveness in your area. Please send any information available and costs for two to four classes as outlined.

I have yet to see the "long term commitment" class. And the last I looked, the "no-fighting" class was pretty full. Of third graders.

Can you spell "NOT A TRAINING ISSUE"? This organization needs high-level consulting on managing their culture, on smart hiring practices, and on frontline leadership. I personally find it hard to believe that their "training" works really well in California and Texas, but on the East Coast, they have challenges based on geography. They have challenges most likely due to bonehead managers and clueless HR people scrambling for bodies.

Just sad.

Even sadder, some poor desperate trainer in our chapter will probably step forward to do what they're asking for -- and not provide what they desperately NEED. Kinda like offering Band-Aids to trauma victims.

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