Wednesday, May 12

One stop web first aid 

Your website sucks. Trust me. If you want to know exactly why, and get a head start on how to fix it, have a look here:


Monday, May 3

UNCONSULTING is full of bull 

Seth Godin, author of the bestselling book Purple Cow, today announced the inclusion of UNCONSULTING in his 2004 Bull Market Directory, a resource for connecting organizations with some of the world’s most creative thinkers. Download your free copy here and look for UNCONSULTING on p. 406.

I'm honored. Seth rocks!

Sunday, May 2

Goals test to focus on the truly essential 

Cheryl Andrus, VP of corporate and product marketing at Franklin Covey, has a lot of goals. Too many, in fact. In order to get more done, by focusing on less, she applies this 5-part test in order to focus on the truly essential:

— "What is its economic impact?" How will this goal affect the company economically and move it forward?

— "Is it aligned with the company's strategy?" In a time of rapidly shifting corporate strategy, it's essential to regularly reevaluate individual and team goals to ensure that each still maps to those of the company.

— "How will it satisfy stakeholders?" How important is it to your boss, your team, and other interested parties?

— "What is my level of passion, talent, and energy for it?" If you can't bring all three to the table, you're not going to achieve a high return on your efforts.

— "Do we have the resources?" Is there sufficient time, money, and any other necessary resources to accomplish this goal?

Try it. I'm a big believer in doing LESS with less. That's the only sane solution to getting more done.

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