Wednesday, December 24

Tom Peters wants to save you TWO CENTS 

I love Tom Peters. I admire the man and his thinking and his contributions to the business world. In fact, my father was the last guy to ever get Tom to come and speak for FREE.

SIDEBAR: My father worked for the Conference Board in NYC and back in 1981, he was looking for speakers for an upcoming CEO-level meeting. He knew of Tom's work and called him up. Tom agreed to the gig. Between the time of their phone call and the actual conference date, a big black book came out that brought Tom a little attention in 1982. But true gentleman that he was, Tom kept his promise and spoke at the agreed upon event, free of charge, even though he was getting thousands [yes, even 21 years ago!] for other similar engagements.

And now Tom is trying to save you and me TWO CENTS.

The following offer appears in the December issue of The Tom Peters Times which arrived in my inbox yesterday (12/4/03):
The "Beat Amazon" Holiday Sale

Brand Harmony for $13.95

If you haven't read Steve Yastrow's Brand Harmony yet, we have a special deal that we are only announcing to subscribers of The Tom Peters Times! Between now and Dec. 25, we will beat Amazon's price for Brand Harmony.

So it looks interesting. And sure, I'll unglue my mouse from my favorite online retailer to save a few bucks. But let me pop over to amazon and see exactly what their price actually IS that Tom is offering to beat. Yup. $13.97.

So Tom wants to fork over TWO CENTS to make me fill out a registration form for the Wow! store [first time customer] and give up on my SuperSaver shipping?!?


Now, the whole point of the Brand Harmony book is that stupid stuff like this IS part of the brand experience. One strike for Tom.

Friday, December 5

Video games take over the world 

What can your business learn from video games?

Customers like to be in control.
They like cool stuff - but there has to be STEAK underneath... sizzle ain't enough!
They will pay for experiences.
What can you sell for $50?

If you're on the East Coast, come and enjoy video games at PhillyClassic, the largest video game expo on the East Coast!

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