Thursday, August 15

Why David Works... 

According to the Conference Board, 40 percent of employees feel disconnected from their companies, two out of three do not identify with or feel motivated to support their employer’s business objectives, and 25 percent are “just showing up to collect a paycheck.”

This is why I have a job to do in the world.

What drives YOU?

Thursday, August 1

Self Publishing Your Books Using Blogs 

From 100 grand online writers:

Using blogs, one can very effectively accomplish the task of self publishing their books for profit or fame.

It is useful to start off by ensuring that we understand why using blogs for self publishing books usually works out so well. To understand this truth we must focus for a moment on the most successful bookstore on earth, Amazon.com. Founder Jeff Bezos came up with a fascinating way of having readers review books they had read for others. It was a fresh interesting new way of selling books that thrived on reader comments and opinions on various books they had read.

All these are key factors that can easily be replicated when using blogs to sell the books that you are self publishing. In fact blogs tend to make reader comments the easiest thing on earth. So it is easy to start your very own miniature Amazon.com, only that in this case you will be covering only books that you will be self publishing. Visitors to your blog can the comment on your books that they have read. Make sure that you allow critical comments with the same enthusiasm that you welcome positive comments. Always remember that it is a lot more convincing when potential clients learn about both the weaknesses and strengths of something before they commit themselves to a purchase.

Using blogs to market and sell the books that you are self publishing is one of the most effective book selling techniques on earth.

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