Friday, January 23

Share your [professional] love on V-day 

I'm one of the founders of Consultants for Love - a passionate crew of (initially) Philadelphia-area consultants and business experts that is growing quickly with people joining in from all over the US.

Our purpose is to celebrate Consultants for Love Day [which is the Friday closest to Valentine's Day - this year 2/13/04] by doing pro-bono work for your favorite non-profit organization -- the people that need it the most and can afford it the least!

This could take the form of any type of training, coaching, or consulting work -- from a one-hour mini-consultation with an executive director to a 2-hour program for their board to an all-day session of leadership development, facilitation, strategic consulting, legal, financial, or IT help or any type of personal/professional development.

There is a bit of exposure available for your firm and the seasonal tie-in to V-day is obviously strong. A capsule summary of your CfL project will be listed together with your name and weblink on the Love Stories page of the site, http://www.consultantsforlove.org -- and we've already generated some media interest.

I hope you'll consider contacting your favorite local non-profit and offer your services to them for part or all of Friday 2/13/04. When you've arranged something, please let me know and I'll have you added to our listings.

p.s. This could be as simple as volunteering at Ronald McDonald House or working with a non-profit that you already have an established relationship with. The idea is simple - share the love by reaching out!

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