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June03 3sixT Update 

Date: Wed May 21, 2003 5:20 pm
Subject: 3sixT Update, Freebies, and Tips!

Let's get to it:

3sixT Update Contents
* FAST TALK: Is Your Company Up To Speed?
* 3sixT Special Programs: SELLING, LEADING, SUCCEEDING
* Philly CoF: People with PASSION: Glen Senk, Anthropologie 6/19
* ASTD Philly May 31: Needs Assessment 101
* The Business Definition of Creativity
* WOW! $25 Business Planning Workshop
* Leadership Training: Who Gets to Go?
* Current projects
* TOOLS you can USE

* FAST TALK: Is Your Company Up To Speed?

Does your strategy buck the conventional wisdom? Are you as
committed to creating new leaders as you are to launching
new products? Is your organization built for speed? Here are
10 make-or-break questions to evaluate your company's
performance -- and 25 fast companies that pass the test.



* 3sixT Special Programs: SELLING, LEADING, SUCCEEDING

Here are three new programs we're offering in addition to
our Creativity in Business curriculum.

If any of these programs are strategically relevant to your
organization please call David Newman directly at 610-527-
5325 or email david@360phila.com.

>> Selling the Invisible: Win More, Lose Less, Think Big!

Whether you are a salesperson working with prospects and
clients, or an executive trying to stretch your people (and
management) in new directions, it's the presentation of your
ideas that will make or break your "sale." Welcome to the
age of "Selling the Invisible," a hands-on, minds-on
workshop that answers the question, "How do you make the big
sale?" By solving your internal/external client's big
problems. By delivering a big difference -- and you do that
with big thinking!

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Philadelphia ASTD
The Devereux Foundation

>> Leading People Through Change

Change is the new currency of business. Change is good and
handling change is one of the most critical emerging skills
for leaders in all types of organizations. In this
interactive workshop, we will explore the elements of what
we call Trailblazing Leadership and how it can equip you to
deal with turbulent change in all kinds of chaotic
situations. Central to our discussion will be the role of
soul, passion, and creativity in leading change -- in
business and in life! We will also discuss change as it
relates to sales, marketing, and bottom line business

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Evans, Conger, Broussard & McCrea

>> Goals on Time(tm)
We all have goals, but few people actually know how to take
purposeful steps toward achieving those goals. It is not
uncommon to see the clock jump ahead while your To-Do list
actually gets longer! In this workshop, we will show you
some tools that will help you organize, analyze, and realize
the valued goals in both your professional life and your
personal life, and how to integrate concrete goals and smart
time management for personal balance and business success.

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Evans, Conger, Broussard & McCrea
Commerce Bank


* Philly CoF: People with PASSION: Glen Senk, Anthropologie 6/19

The next FAST COMPANY Company of Friends event is June 19,
2003 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Anthropologie, 201 West
Lancaster Ave, Wayne, PA Tel. 610.687.4141


Glen Senk will at be Anthopologie's first store in Wayne on
June 18th, speaking on how his company is creating a culture
of passion and integrity while delivering a different kind
of retailing in a crowded marketplace.

Each Anthropologie store is one of a kind, telling a
narrative and tailoring its message to the community and
spending more on individualizing each store than on
marketing and advertising.

Founded in 1992, this vibrant, 40-store women's clothing and
home furnishings chain is cultivating a shopping experience
unlike almost anything else in retail today.

Catering by: Peachtree & Ward Catering

Details: http://www.fastcompany.com/cof/schedule.jsp?eventid=3004


* ASTD Philly May 31: Training Needs Assessment 101

Presented by: Elizabeth Guman, Penn State Faculty

Elizabeth will provide us with the why's and the how's of
training needs analysis. Come prepared to learn the basics
and more.

ASTD Members: FREE!
Prospective Members: FREE!
Students: FREE!

If you will be attending or have additional questions, email
Rich Davis at rdavis@re-actconsulting.com.

Saturday, May 31, 2003

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Penn State Great Valley
Safeguard Scientifics Building
Room 107
30 East Swedesford Road
Malvern, PA 19355

Directions are available on the web at:


* The Business Definition of Creativity

Here's a problem -- if you say the word CREATIVITY to a
businessperson, they turn off quicker than the TV remote. If
you say the word INNOVATION, they run in the other
direction, because that sounds too big, too fast, too scary,
too drastic.

So what is the business definition of creativity?

It's doing things cheaper, better, faster, and smarter.

Read more in the free article available for download in our
Media Center:


* WOW! $25 Business Planning Workshop

Skip Torreson is a friend of mine, and a tremendously
experienced and caring consultant in his own right. He is
putting on this workshop for $25 - that's about a week of
Starbucks for this goldmine of info. Here's the story:

Just starting a consulting practice? Recession seriously
cut into your revenues? Previously successful marketing
strategies not working in this economy? Need a new business
plan that is going to make the rest of 2003 a success and
lay the foundation for 2004 and beyond?

Jump-start your consulting practice by attending this
*consultants only* One Page Business Plan Workshop. This is
a highly interactive four-hour workshop. Participants use
the newly found knowledge to quickly create their One Page
Business Plan using the easily learned key word and short
phrase technique.

Each participant will leave this workshop with :

* A Vision Statement that accurately describes what their
business will look like in the next three years.

* A Mission Statement that powerfully states the purpose of
their business that will attract new business.

* A set of Strategies that describe how the business will be
built over the next three years.

* A set of Action Plans that describe the key business
building projects/initiatives that must be completed in the
next 12 months.

* A set of graph-able Objectives that define the key metrics
the business must achieve to be successful.

Due to the interactive nature of this workshop, attendance
will be limited to 24 consultants. Register early!

Date: Thursday, June 19, 2003
Time: 8:30AM - 12:30PM
Delaware County Chamber of Commerce
602 East Baltimore Pike
Media, PA 19063

Please make your check for $25 payable to The Stewardship
Group and mail to the address below. Participants are
encouraged to obtain copies of Jim Horan's best selling
book, "The One Page Business Plan" prior to the workshop.

It's available on http://www.amazon.com

Skip Torresson
227 Foxcroft Road
Broomall, PA 19008
Trusted Partners for the Journey


* Leadership Training: Who Gets to Go?

I'm currently working with some colleagues on a project for
a large media company. The sponsor has said that these
people are not necessarily willing participants and that
there might be some cynicism and resistance in the group.

I suggested that if that's the case, it's the wrong group to
invest in for the work we're doing. Why? Simple.

I've spent too many years in corporate America
teaching "tourists" and "prisoners."

Now that I can pick and choose my clients and assignments, I
only work with "participants" -- meaning that:

1. They WANT to be there
2. Perhaps they've even had to COMPETE for the privilege of
being there
3. They want to be a PART of what we are doing as a group
4. I want a PART of them to be changed forever by the work
we do together.

A tall order? I don't think so. The days of "foisted
training" are over. Training and consulting (at least the
kind I do) is very expensive. I want the client to invest
wisely -- for the right reasons, for the right people, and
for the right purpose, which is to create sustainable
business advantages that cannot otherwise be had.

More on this is available from the Washington Business
Leadership training: How to decide who gets to go
by Pamela Thorne


* Current projects

We are in the process of working with or reaching out to:

- Nike (THAT'S pretty cool!!)
- Rosenbluth International
- Hershey Foods
- Thrivent Financial


* TOOLS you can USE

In recent months, we've come across some great resources on
the web. We'd like to share a small number of these with

If you have a gem to pass along, please email the link, the
info, and a brief description of how you've used the service
to david@360phila.com

Zoomerang - Create and deploy surveys and evaluations on the
web. Basic service is FREE. http://www.zoomerang.com

Free Conference - Free telephone conferencing bridge lines
for coaching, training, or follow-up. And, yes, it's FREE,
reliable, and easy to use. http://www.freeconference.com

Gryphyn Media - Web hosting. The best, friendliest, and most
reliable web hosting company in Philadelphia. Call Tracy
Brant and say David Newman sent you. I've used Tracy for
numerous projects, and she just can't be beat.


That's all for now. Drop a line and let me know what other
topics and tidbits you would find valuable in future
updates -- and I'll get on it for next time.

-- David

p.s. Please forward this issue to any interested colleagues
and encourage them to sign up for their own subscription by
simply dropping me an email or visiting
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/360Phila to register.

David Newman
The Creative Way to Better Business(tm)
(610) 527-5325

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