Thursday, April 29

3sixT to become UNCONSULTING 

Yup, it's true. After 2+ years, we're changing names to something more gutsy, direct, and informative. UNCONSULTING. Kinda like the UNcola. Not what you expect. Cool. Refreshing. No cola nuts.

Just immediate help for unlocking your marketplace success, whether you're a Fortune 500 organization, a solo entrepreneur, or a growing company in between.

Look for the new website coming in late May 2004. Until then, visit the transitional (old) website here.

Monday, April 26

AOL is not for business 

From the smartest woman in web hosting, Tracy Brant -- I could not agree more (nor have I ever seen this sentiment communicated so concisely!):

Do not use AOL for anything that is important to you.
AOL is a family entertainment platform, not a business email service.
Encourage your business contacts to use something else too.

and Tracy is also extending this offer that's hard to refuse from Gryphyn Media Hosting:

If you know someone that needs a non-AOL email address for business, please send them to me for a free email account with webmail.

If you need to contact consumer AOL-users as part of your business, ask me for resources that will help you.

-- Tracy

Thursday, April 15

"Coaching, consulting, or training?" 

My quick 2 cents - and I'd love to hear from others:

Coaching - you're getting paid to ask questions, not provide answers. Best used when there is no clarity on what the problem or solution is.

Consulting - you're getting paid to provide answers and perhaps also ask new questions, but also answer those! Best used when there is clarity on what the problem is, but not the solution or the BEST solution.

Training - you're getting paid to ask questions, field answers, and guide people to the best answer. Best used when there is a LOT of clarity on what the problem AND solution/best behavior is, and efforts are guided towards building skills and adding knowledge around getting to that best, proven solution.

David Newman | 3sixT | Unlocking marketplace success
david@360phila.com | 610.527.5325

Thursday, April 1

Penguin Ball 

When you have nothing better to do (and speaking honestly, that time is now), give this game a whirl:
My personal record is in the 570's. How well can you do?

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