Friday, August 29

Small business marketing: the power of doubt 

I respect faith, but doubt is what gets you an education.
-- Wilson Mizner

The faculty of doubting and questioning is the essential preliminary of all improvement and discovery.
-- Albert Pike

Doubt is nothing more than the fertile ground in which brilliant questions can grow. (My definition of a brilliant question: Any question, no matter how basic, from which a brilliant insight can be derived.)

With that definition, even the simplest of questions could be categorized as brilliant.
Here is a starter set, to fuel your brilliance:

1. What are you doing well?
2. What can you do better?
3. What is the value of your current attitude?
4. What are three of your greatest strengths?
5. What are you most excited about now?
6. What are you looking forward to?
7. What would be your ideal career - if you could do anything?
8. How could you bring some aspects of that ideal job into your current work?
9. What's one thing that you could do to give yourself more peace financially?
10. What is your life really about?
11. If you had to guess your life purpose (from looking at your life to date), what would it
12. What do you want MORE of in your work? (Make a list)
13. What do you want LESS of in your work? (Make a list)
14. What are three things you are doing regularly that don't serve or support you?
15. What would you like most to be acknow-ledged for so far in your life?
16. If you were your own coach or mentor, what advice would you give yourself right now?

Friday, August 15

Small business marketing: the power of a bargain 

Necessity never made a good bargain.
-- Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin's method of persuading others to his point of view took patience and endurance. Here are some of Franklin's bargaining tips:

1. Be clear about exactly what you're after.
2. Do your homework so that you are fully prepared to discuss every aspect and respond to every question and comment.
3. Be persistent. Don't expect to "win" the first time. Your primary job is just to start the other person thinking.
4. Make friends with the person you are bargaining with. Put your bargain in terms of his or her needs, advan-tages, benefits, and outcomes.
5. Keep your sense of humor.
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Friday, August 8

Small Business Marketing 10 commandments of success 

Small business marketing 10 Commandments of Success

I. Take Responsibility
II. Raise the Bar
III. Dream Big
IV. Develop the Action Habit
V. Visualize your Success
VI. Associate with Winners
VII. Give Something Back
VIII. Embrace and be Flexible to Change
IX. Learn to Love the Process
X. Have Faith and be Patient

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