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Mar/Apr03 3sixT Update 

Date: Fri Mar 7, 2003 7:25 am
Subject: Mar/Apr Update from 360 Philadelphia

Hi everyone!

Brrr... MORE snow on the ground, yet Spring is around the
corner -- and much news to share.

Let's get to it:

360 Update Contents
* FAST TALK: Tough Sell
* 3sixT Special Programs: SELLING, LEADING, SUCCEEDING
* Are you ready for LIFTOFF?
* Philly CoF: Franne McNeal and Appreciative Inquiry 3/11
* ASTD March program: Media Presentation Skills 3/12
* LAST CHANCE: *FREE* Resume Building Session Sat. 3/8
* Sell Like a Girl

* FAST TALK: Tough Sell

The fastest way to get a solid bottom line is to deliver
results on the top line. Which means there's nothing more
urgent -- or these days, more trying -- than making the
sale. Here's what it takes.

Read full article:


* 3sixT Special Programs: SELLING, LEADING, SUCCEEDING

Here are three new programs we're offering in addition to
our Creativity in Business curriculum.

If any of these programs are strategically relevant to your
organization please call David Newman directly at 610-527-
5325 or email me at david@360phila.com.

>> Selling the Invisible: Win More, Lose Less, Think Big!

Whether you are a salesperson working with prospects and
clients, or an executive trying to stretch your people (and
management) in new directions, it's the presentation of your
ideas that will make or break your "sale." Welcome to the
age of "Selling the Invisible," a hands-on, minds-on
workshop that answers the question, "How do you make the big
sale?" By solving your internal/external client's big
problems. By delivering a big difference -- and you do that
with big thinking!

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Philadelphia ASTD
The Devereux Foundation

>> Leading People Through Change

Change is the new currency of business. Change is good and
handling change is one of the most critical emerging skills
for leaders in all types of organizations. In this
interactive workshop, we will explore the elements of what
we call Trailblazing Leadership and how it can equip you to
deal with turbulent change in all kinds of chaotic
situations. Central to our discussion will be the role of
soul, passion, and creativity in leading change -- in
business and in life! We will also discuss change as it
relates to sales, marketing, and bottom line business

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
Evans, Conger, Broussard & McCrea

>> Goals on Time(tm)
We all have goals, but few people actually know how to take
purposeful steps toward achieving those goals. It is not
uncommon to see the clock jump ahead while your To-Do list
actually gets longer! In this workshop, we will show you
some tools that will help you organize, analyze, and realize
the valued goals in both your professional life and your
personal life, and how to integrate concrete goals and smart
time management for personal balance and business success.

Recent clients for whom we've done this program:
Evans, Conger, Broussard & McCrea
Commerce Bank


* Are you ready for LIFTOFF?

NEWS! We've spun off an entirely new division called

Business Owners * Independent Professionals * Salespeople

businessLIFTOFF can help you market your business with
greater focus and impact using The Right Stuff(tm), our
own unique brand of 1-on-1 interpersonal communications and
sales coaching that's custom-developed around your
strengths, personal preferences, and the needs of your
particular business.

Whether you've been running your business for 1 year or 21
years, we'd like to talk to you about how you can get more
clients with less effort and in less time. After all,
business is hard, but...

"It Ain't Rocket Science"


Recent clients:
- No Limits
- The Barter Connection
- Astraea Design Group
- Thrivent Financial
- Stewart Strategies Group


* Philly CoF: Franne McNeal and Appreciative Inquiry 3/11

The next FAST COMPANY Company of Friends event is March
11, 2003 from 6:30pm to 8:30pm at Border Books and Music in
Bryn Mawr.


- Participate in a highly-interactive evening facilitated by
Philly CoFers Franne McNeal and Jay Cherney, Ph.D.

- What happens when people focus on "what works" and
the "best of stories" instead of "problems" and "gaps"?

- What happens when strategic change initiatives include all
of the stakeholders in appreciative inquiry and dialogue?

- What happens when visioning and creativity, collaboration,
and individual commitment to action increases?

- How does change get "dreamed, designed, destined" and
successfully implemented?

- Learn more about appreciative inquiry (theory, process,
resources), by experiencing an appreciative conversation.

- Discuss how appreciative inquiry is used in business, non-
profits, academia, politics, and personal interactions.


* ASTD March program: Media Presentation Skills 3/12

Presented by Tracey Matisak of WHYY

Award winning journalist and dynamic trainer, Tracey Matisak
will share tips and techniques for sharpening your skills
when presenting via media.

- What tools must you use when the audience is not in the
room but out there in cyberspace or TV land?
- How can you keep an audience engaged when you are talking
to a TV camera or microphone with a remote audience?
- How can you battle nerves when creating live video-based
- How can you learn to speak in sound bites?

We are assuming that everyone has a basic mastery of
presentation skills. Tracey's presentation will focus on
advanced skills needed to present on TV or over the

This meeting is FREE for ASTD members and friends. The
catch? Afterwards, the group will be manning the phones for
the WHYY March pledge drive!! Dinner will be provided.
(Dialing for dinner?)

March 12, 2003

5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

WHYY Studios, 150 North Sixth Street, Philadelphia, PA

Visit http://www.whyy.org/email/locate.html for directions
to WHYY.

$FREE! members
$FREE! non-members
$FREE! students


* LAST CHANCE: *FREE* Resume Building Session Sat. 3/8

Resume Building - A program of the New Practitioner's
Special Interest Group of ASTD Philadelphia

What skills and capabilities have the most currency in
today's training and development job market? YOU probably
have what it takes, but does your resume? Are you using the
right words, phrases, and keywords for today's training
landscape? Is your resume focused, clear, and distinctively
yours? Or are you portraying yourself as "just another

Have your resume ready and bring a copy with you for a turbo-
charged makeover (or to give others a shining example
of "how it's done").

Saturday, March 8, 2003

9:30 am - 11:30 am

Leader Strength Systems, Inc. 630 Freedom Business Center
Suite 300 King of Prussia, PA Host: Deanne Bryce

Driving directions can be found here:


* Sell Like a Girl

What do top sales executives in our region know about sales,
selling, and salespeople that you don't? It's easy. It's how
to sell like a girl. A Girl Scout, to be specific.

Want to find out more? Email David at david@360phila.com for
a free copy of SELL LIKE A GIRL and find out the six missing
ingredients in your sales thinking that a 10-year old girl
could teach you.


That's all for now. Drop a line and let me know what other
topics and tidbits you would find valuable in future
updates -- and I'll get on it for next time.

-- David

p.s. Please forward this issue to any interested colleagues
and encourage them to sign up for their own subscription by
simply dropping me an email or visiting
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/360Phila to register.

David Newman
360 Philadelphia
The Creative Way to Better Business(tm)
(610) 527-5325

Thursday, April 3

Sell smarter with email! 

Here is a piece I wrote for Sales & Marketing Management. Due to deadline issues, it didn't make it into the magazine, so here it is for your reading pleasure:

Salespeople can gain more and stronger leads through e-mail correspondence by becoming aware of the trends in overall email marketing - and in getting ahead of the curve by FOLLOWING those trends with their email practices!

Email is the most revolutionary tool in marketing history, and everyone should take advantage of its flexibility, ease of execution, low cost, and trackability. Here are some guidelines to make your email more impactful - and to help you ring the cash register more often!

1. Let the customer choose Providing customers with some level of control makes them feel as though they are in the driver’s seat. For example, don't have one email newsletter - have several on different topics or "tracks" and let people select the one(s) they are most interested in.

2. Don't worry about frequency
Let the customers’ requests dictate frequency. As emails become more relevant to recipients needs, the question of how frequently to email subscribers goes away. If you'll help solve my problems, get me new customers, or show me how to work smarter, I'll gladly open your emails 2-3 times a week.

3. Data Integration
Email is uniquely positioned to take existing data and elevate it to the level of relationship marketing that most marketers have only dreamed of. Amazon.com is a great example. They know what I've bought, what I like, and they regularly email me suggestions about new titles that match my buying patterns. Database marketing drives relevance. Relevance drives sales!

4. Use the Personal touch
People buy from people. Email technology provides a way to leverage this knowledge and deliver emails coming “from” real people. These emails can include pictures, personal notes based on prior engagements, working reply addresses... just like a real relationship!

5. Use your signature file smartly
Your email signature file should not only have a 'hot' (clickable) link to your website, but you also need to give people a REASON to click. Nobody is going to click on a link because they're thinking, "Wow, Joe's company has a website... wonder what it looks like." Kick your signature line up a notch and add a CUSTOM line or two based on who you're writing to. For example, when writing to a hotel industry client, add this line to the bottom of your email signature block: "Ask about 'Inn Service' our latest offering for the hospitality industry."

The idea is to use every email (both personal and automated) as a marketing vehicle, mini-teaser, or venue for generating further inquiries into your services!

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