Saturday, November 8

From Inc. Magazine: Grassroots Marketing 

This is a great collection of pieces relevant to our Get Clients Now! program.

Drop me a line if you find some of these valuable, as I did. david@360phila.com

Let's face it. You're not Procter & Gamble or Volkswagen, so when it comes to marketing to your customers, you're more likely to get a little creative than to grab your checkbook and sign on with some hot New York agency. That's what these business owners have done in Inc.com's Guide to Grassroots Marketing. From counter help that sing and dance to engineers that produce comic strips, each of these businesses found effective ways to spread the word about their businesses and to retain their customers without spending a fortune. [See full articles at link below]


-- David

Sunday, November 2

Your story wanted: Doing Business from the Inside Out 

I need your help. But first, see if this experience has any relevance for you:

In recent weeks, a good number of my clients in Fortune 500 firms have been
laid off. Of these, several people have indicated an interest in starting their own business, and 1 or 2 have done so with immediate success.

In those very same weeks, in my role as a marketing and sales trainer for independent professionals and entrepreneurs, I have been speaking with 3-4 people who have been running their businesses for a LONG time who are ready to QUIT and find a job!!

At the same time as all these employees are yearning for their free agent decoder rings and all these free agents are turning in their guns and badges for an employee parking permit, I am writing a book called "Doing Business from the Inside Out."

The focus of the book is 2 questions:

1. What can entrepreneurs teach people who work for large corporations?
2. And what can corporate executives teach entrepreneurs?

Perhaps you, like many of the people that have sent responses, have
experienced both corporate life and the challenges of creating a
business from scratch. How were those experiences different? How
were they interconnected? What do you wish you knew earlier?

And most importantly, what can you share with others about what it
takes to excel at the "inside job" of employment and the "outside
job" of entrepreneurship -- and finding your sense of place,
balance, and success in the business world?

Send me an email and put INSIDE OUT in the subject line. Tell me
what you'd like to teach the world from either side of the fence --
or better yet, from BOTH sides!! My email is david@360phila.com.

I'll turn it into a free ebook if we generate enough good material.
You will, of course, get full credit for your entry.

Send me your full-frontal advice [from a sentence or two up to a couple of paragraphs] on issues such as:

* Sales
* Marketing
* Relationships
* Networking
* Service-first attitude
* Technology
* Ethics
* Leadership
* Management
* Motivation
* Passion
* Decision-making
* Creativity and innovation
* Personal accountability
* Finding what works... and anything else that comes to your mind!


-- D.
David Newman, Founder
3sixT : marketing and innovation consultancy

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