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Nov/Dec02 3sixT Update 

Hi everyone!

Thanksgiving, Chanukah, and Christmas are right around
the corner; we're in a back-to-basics economy, yet some
of you are busier than ever right now.

We're living out the mixed blessing:
"May you live in interesting times."

Let's get to the good stuff:

3sixT Update Contents
* Must Read: Innovation Now!
* Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Program Summaries
* You're invited! Nov. 22 Customer-centric Business Lab
* 360 Creativity in Business at UArts
* Leading People Through Change at the Philly Chamber
* 360's current projects
* News you can use

* Must Read: Innovation Now!

In the December issue of FAST COMPANY, Gary Hamel
has written a terrific piece that is right on target about
what's wrong with the back-to-basics business mindset.

Conventional wisdom says to get back to basics.
Conventional wisdom says to cut costs.
Conventional wisdom is doomed.
The winners are the innovators who are making bold thinking
an everyday part of doing business.

Read the full story here:


* Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Program Summaries

On November 1, David Newman and Colleen Bracken, owner
of MCB & Associates (http://www.mcbcoaching.com) hosted
our Business Coaching Workout Session.

We had a tremendous group: very open and willing to share
their experiences, insights,and challenges. We discussed
many issues, including the following questions, reproduced
here for the benefit of the folks who weren't able to join

o What is your work?
o What value does it bring to the organization and
ultimately the customer?
o What is the most important thing in your work?
o What are you going for? What will that give to you?
o What vision do you have for yourself, your department or
your business?
o What kinds of things get in the way of you doing your best
o What do you want more of? Less of?
o What changes would make your work friction-free?

On November 15, we hosted our Trust-based Leadership
Roundtable, where we had an even larger group, and the ideas
were flying with equal, if not greater, velocity. Questions
from this session included:

o How is trust important to you personally and professionally?
o What value does it bring to the organization and ultimately the customer?
o Can you think of people or organizations you trust highly?
o Where does that trust come from?
o Can you think of people or organizations that you do not trust?
o What, specifically, have those people or companies done to diminish your trust?
o Where does trust intersect with your management style? with your bottom line?
o How does trust come into play with change leadership?


* You're invited! Nov. 22 Customer-centric Business Lab

Join us for the last of our three "99-Minute Business Booster"
workshops. We have only a few seats open, and we'd like you to
join us in one of them! Cost: Your time & energy. No money, thanks!

This Friday's session topics will include:
* Balancing customer focus with employee focus
* LIVE customer feedback simulation
* Meeting your customers' wants, needs, demands, and requirements
* Internal and external customer-centric checklists and diagnostics

Don't miss it.

8:45am-9:00am Meet, greet, and seat
9:00am-10:39am 99-minute Business Booster workshop
10:39am-11:00am Open Q&A/Networking

Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce
200 South Broad St. (The Bellevue) 7th Floor

To register, simply call or email me and I'll get you
squared away with directions, schedule, etc.


* 360 Creativity in Business at UArts

David is delivering the full 10-week Creativity in
Business program in partnership with the
University of the Arts starting February 11, 2003.

Here is the program description straight from the UArts
site - at a cost that is 90%, that's right - NINETY PERCENT -
DISCOUNTED from the corporate per person rate. Talk about a


I'll let my friend Tom Peters have the last word on this:

"New approaches to doing business were once considered a
luxury, but now constant, rapid re-creating of our firms is
a matter of survival. This exceptional [program] not only
tells us that we can do it, but that it will even be fun.
This one could have been called "The Joy of Business."
-- Tom Peters


* Leading People Through Change at the Philly Chamber

Join us on January 30, 2003 for "Leading People Through
Change" at the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.
This interactive and application-oriented workshop is one of
our most popular offerings, and now the Chamber and 360 are
working together to offer it to as wide an audience as

Save the date - January 30, 2003 8:30am-11:30am


* 360's current projects

We're currently reaching out to or working with the
following organizations:

- ING Direct
- Binney and Smith
- Philadelphia Parking Authority
- Comed Communications
- ArmandScott
- The Barter Connection
- Tri-County Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors


* News you can use

We have collected and/or written a wide variety of
articles on the following topics. Only the first two
have made it up to the website -- check out the new
MEDIA CENTER tab at http://www.360phila.com -- but feel
free to email or call if you'd like me to send you a
copy of the others prior to their public debut:

* Is There a Formula for Leadership Success?
* Marketing is Everyone's Business
* 7 Steps to Success Establishing a Corporate University
* Calculating the True Costs of Employee Turnover
* Making the Business Case for HR/OD/Training
* The Bottom Line Value of Creativity in Business
* Training and OD Bookshelf Recommendations
* Questions to Ask a Potential Training Company

Thanks for reading!
Drop me a line with ideas for future content, and
I'll get to work on it!

Best wishes for a safe and joyous series of holidays.

-- David

Friday, November 1

Top 10 Tips for talk show success 

The tips below are courtesy of Steve Harrison, publisher of "Radio-TV Interview Report: The Magazine Producers Read to Find Guests." The magazine reaches more than 4,000 talk show producers, and includes paid advertisements from authors and other guests who want to catch the attention of talk shows.

==> Learn as much as you can about the interviewer, the station, the market they serve, type of program and the angle they want you to take.

==> Get set up with an 800 number and credit card processing.

==> Alert retail stores of your upcoming appearance on their local talk station so they can stock your product.

==> Use a local talk show appearance to attract free newspaper coverage in that area.

==> Focus on being a good guest by being forthcoming with free advice.

==> Stir people’s emotions so they’ll want what you’re selling. Be passionate and convincing. Offer strong opinions.

==> Give listeners an incentive not to procrastinate. Offer a special bonus or discount if they call "right now."

==> Suggest listeners buy your product as a gift for someone they care about.

==> Maintain a long-term relationship with the producer/host. Offer to fill in if a guest cancels at the last minute.

==> Impress prospects by listing your media appearances in your promotional literature.

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