Friday, May 24

May02 3sixT Update 

Fast Company Magazine features our FAVORITE bank!

>>>Customer Service <<<

Commerce Bank is one of America's best-performing financial
institutions, with a stock that grew more than 2,000% in 10
years. It is also the nation's most convenient bank, with a
fanatical commitment to "wowing" customers.

Read the full story here:
And congratulations to 360 workshop attendees Katrina Van
Alstyne and Erin Kennedy of Commerce Bank on their
employer's well-deserved national recognition. 360
Philadelphia's bills are paid with Commerce Bank checks...
naturally. (Vernon, if you're listening - Tim Merrell is
doing a great job in Haverford!)

I recently wrote an article for the Philadelphia Business
Journal (and an abbreviated version for
WallStreetJournal.com) entitled "Marketing is Everyone's
Business." Email me for your very own copy.

It was inspired by my 10-minute conversation with Susan Bach
of Adolor Corporation in Exton, PA. Susan gave me more
information about her company and their positioning,
products, and future plans for new drugs than most brand
managers at competing companies could have done. The catch?
She's the HR Director.

The bottom line: You gotta KNOW the business and SELL the
products, no matter what the title on your business card.
Great companies KNOW this and TRAIN for it. Does yours?

Speaking of brands and products, 360 Philadelphia is in the
process of customizing a very exciting program for Binney
and Smith in Easton, PA, the makers of all things Crayola.

They want to launch a "brand ambassador" program. This is an
internal effort to instill the value of sales and marketing
mindset and behaviors in every employee - to send them out
into the world as Crayola's own "raving fans."

At the same time, we've developed the next level of
experiential business training: BlastWorks! - a fusion of
training, idea generation, and benchmarking best practices
from all angles: full immersion. Leveraging creativity
towards your organization's desired results in fully
customized programs.

Our BrandBlast! 1-day program fits exactly into Crayola's
plan. See our interactive BlastWorks! presentation on the
360 Philadelphia website to learn about all 6 of these
programs: http://www.360phila.com.

How can we help you spread your company's message? Ask your
VP of Marketing if he or she would like a little help from,
say, EVERY employee in your organization.

And then call us to arrange it.

Welcome new clients:

Mahoney Realty Group, Ardmore, PA
Villanova University, Villanova, PA
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Office of Vocational
Rehabilitation, Philadelphia, PA

New partnership with Image Ink of Narberth, PA

360 Philadelphia is thrilled to be working with Donna Wilson
of Image Ink on branding, positioning, marketing, and
training initiatives for several local financial

Hey, somebody's gotta help these banks -- or they won't have
a lick of a chance against Commerce!!!

That's all for now. Stay tuned over the summer as we report
back on the smart organizations that deploy our BlastWorks!
programs to solve their business challenges through action
learning, business creativity, and highly customized
curriculum geared towards lasting results.

-- David

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