Tuesday, September 7

Sales Out the Wazoo 

A simple recipe for more effective selling:
STOP introducing yourself.
STOP asking for a moment of their time.
STOP asking how they are.

START with a killer question and go from there.

-- Jeffrey Gitomer, http://www.gitomer.com

Monday, September 6

Business: 3 easy pieces 

In the mid-1980's, John Opel, the then Chairman of IBM, gave a talk to an audience of Stanford MBAs.

In response to a question for his advice about how newly-minted MBAs should embark on their careers, he offered these three simple guidelines:

1. Create value
2. Don't fake it
3. Business is people

Sunday, September 5

AP Poll: Most Fairly Happy With Work 

Happy Labor Day!

An AP poll on the public's attitudes about work found that most workers in the United States were at least fairly satisfied with their jobs. Their findings are summarized below:

Yahoo! News - AP Poll: Most Fairly Happy With Work

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