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July03 3sixT Update 

Hi everyone!

It's hot out there, and so is the news and info
in this edition, so let's get right to it:

3sixT Update Contents
* FAST TALK: 7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives
* Greatly expanded resources on our Yahoo! group
* WHYY Advantage Lineup for Fall 2003
* spaceWORKS TV - Want to be a star? How about your OFFICE?
* Philly CoF: Melvin Jones & Paradigm Shift Technologies 7/15
* "1-page Business Plan" for Organizations
* FREE CHAPTER from David's upcoming business book

* FAST TALK: 7 Habits of Spectacularly Unsuccessful Executives

It's not easy to become as disastrous a boss as Dennis Kozlowski, Jean-Marie Messier, or Jill Barad -- but you can, if you work at it. And here's the best part: Each of the qualities that you need to be a spectacular failure is widely admired in today's business world.

Read the complete story here:



* Greatly expanded resources on our Yahoo! group

If you are receiving this newsletter, you have access to the 3sixT Yahoo! e-group. And that's GOOD NEWS because there are now a lot of great resources up there, including:
* PowerPoints and PDFs from some recent seminars
* Thoughts on Creativity color poster
* Unleashing the Inner Innovator white paper by Steve Shapiro
* Executive Briefings on Trust, Change, and Creative Leadership
* New poll on business initiatives for the rest of 2003
* Links to many useful websites and online resources

If you have trouble with accessing any of these, please drop me an email (david@360phila.com) and we'll get you squared away.


* WHYY Advantage Lineup for Fall 2003

Why be part of a live studio production? Know WHYY!

WHYY is pleased to announce the stellar studio line-up for FALL 2003.

September 17, 2003 -- ERIN BROCKOVICH presents THE POWER OF ONE
October 15, 2003 -- BOB FARRELL presents GIVE 'EM The PICKLE
December 10, 2003 -- JONI DANIELS presents POWER TOOLS FOR WOMEN

and on
October 14, 2003 join WHYY and THE LEADER'S EDGE for a compelling
satellite event featuring Peter Senge and Rosabeth Moss Kanter including
lunch and followed by a facilitated discussion of STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP.

Program descriptions, pricing and reservation forms are attached or can be
found at: www.whyy.org/ventures/advantage.html

Register early so you don't miss out!


* spaceWORKS TV - Want to be a star? How about your OFFICE?

I am thrilled to announce 3sixT's first media production - spaceWORKS!

This is a new show I am co-producing with Vanessa Christman of CreativeSpectrum Films about innovative work spaces that are re-igniting people through architecture, lighting, art, furniture, and great design.

Do you know of organizations (companies, universities, hotels, hospitals, retail stores) that have created innovative environments? If so, please contact me at david@360phila.com so that we might include them in our pilot episode.

We will soon complete filming at Refinery, Inc., ING Direct, CIGNA, SEI Investments, and several other organizations that have invested in permanent creative spaces where people work, meet, and collaborate in whole new ways.

Stay tuned to see WHERE this broadcast project finds an on-air home!


* Philly CoF: Melvin Jones & Paradigm Shift Technologies, 7/15/03

FAST COMPANY presents another Company of Friends [CoF] gathering:

Join us on Tuesday, July 15 at 6:30pm for a question and answer session with Philly CoFer Melvin Jones about developing an internal sales force for a new company. Melvin invites you to join us for a catered cocktail hour with free appetizers and cash bar at the White Dog Cafe in Center City. We think this will be an exciting opportunity for you to sharpen your consulting skills, share best practices, and build your own toolkit for business.



* "1-page Business Plan" for Organizations

I recently attended a workshop presented by Skip Torreson around a tremendous tool called "The One Page Business Plan."

Skip presented this workshop to a group of artists, consultants, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople.

He also offers an organizational version of this workshop, which I recommend highly -- it's a great tool to align and focus an organization [from the very top down to the front lines] on a PRACTICAL, REFERENCEABLE, ACTIONABLE set of visions, missions, objectives, strategies, and plans.

This is especially critical during times of discontinuous change, budgets that keep getting progressively tighter and leaner, and an environment of reduced resources together with raised performance expectations and contributions from each individual.

Contact Skip for complete details:

Skip Torresson
Trusted Partners for the Journey


* FREE CHAPTER from David's upcoming business book

You've all heard of "Fish!" the multi-million selling business book? Well, it's time for another hit of that magnitude. And it's right in the same category of food-category non-fiction:

RELISH! The Highly Authorized Guide to Business.

The book is currently with several book packagers under review, and will be released in December 2003. But *YOU* can get a FREE chapter right now by sending an email to david@360phila.com and putting the word RELISH! in the subject line.

Hot dogs not included.


That's all for now. Drop a line and let me know what other
topics and tidbits you would find valuable in future
updates -- and I'll get on it for next time.

-- David

p.s. Please forward this issue to interested colleagues
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