Monday, November 20

Ten Principles of Strategic Leadership 

This just came across my desk from Learnwell.com - many of these are right on target!!

1. All behavior is motivated. The more you understand about your own sources of motivation and natural style of influence, the more effective you'll be in leading others.

2. A sure way to create resistance is to try to "manage" something that makes someone unique and feel is a source of his or her value to a community or organization.

3. People do not argue with their own data. Find ways to align the organization's objectives and individual's perspectives for maximum effectiveness.

4. It takes a higher level of thinking to solve a significant problem than it did to create it. As Seymor Papert of MIT said, "Being able to see a situation from another perspective is worth 30 IQ points."

5. Learning does not occur until behavior changes.

6. Assess the drivers of value within your organization and focus on cultivating their development.

7. People do things for their own reasons, not yours. Until you can articulate some one else's motivation for a particular action or decision, you really don't understand the the environment you're hoping to influence.

8. Every working group creates a unique culture with similar themes and struggles, such as for power, recognition, belonging, and achievement.

9. Creating a good environment supports average contributors to achieve more and above average contributors to excel. With proper preparation, nobody needs to be left behind when the pace accelerates.

10. Profound change can occur in less than 10 seconds. Or years, or never. Each of us gets to decide when, where, how, and by whom to be influenced, for better or worse.

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