Friday, November 1

Top 10 Tips for talk show success 

The tips below are courtesy of Steve Harrison, publisher of "Radio-TV Interview Report: The Magazine Producers Read to Find Guests." The magazine reaches more than 4,000 talk show producers, and includes paid advertisements from authors and other guests who want to catch the attention of talk shows.

==> Learn as much as you can about the interviewer, the station, the market they serve, type of program and the angle they want you to take.

==> Get set up with an 800 number and credit card processing.

==> Alert retail stores of your upcoming appearance on their local talk station so they can stock your product.

==> Use a local talk show appearance to attract free newspaper coverage in that area.

==> Focus on being a good guest by being forthcoming with free advice.

==> Stir people’s emotions so they’ll want what you’re selling. Be passionate and convincing. Offer strong opinions.

==> Give listeners an incentive not to procrastinate. Offer a special bonus or discount if they call "right now."

==> Suggest listeners buy your product as a gift for someone they care about.

==> Maintain a long-term relationship with the producer/host. Offer to fill in if a guest cancels at the last minute.

==> Impress prospects by listing your media appearances in your promotional literature.

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