Thursday, January 6

Small business marketing: lessons from Home Depot 

A while back there was a Home Depot television commercial that brilliantly demonstrated their understanding of why their customers purchase several of their products. 
It went something like this… A man is standing in the tool department holding a drill while his wife looks on dubiously.  He obviously wants to buy it, but apparently expects some resistance from his wife so in an effort to convince her says, "Don't think of this as a drill, think of this as your new book shelves."  
Well, obviously his ploy worked because in the next scene the same couple is standing in front of the table saws.  He smiles at his wife, points to one and says, "And think of this as your new deck!"  The final scene shows the same couple getting ready to purchase a shop vac.  Only this time the woman speaks up and says, "And I can think of this as my clean garage!"   Not only do they do a stellar job of articulating their products' benefits but they do so without mentioning one feature! 
So, the next time you're tempted to itemize your products' or services' nifty features take a deep breath and stop.  Instead, articulate how those features translate into customer benefits.

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