Sunday, September 28

Small business marketing - the power of trust 

As contagion of sickness makes sickness, contagion of trust can make trust.
-- Marianne Moore

Trust is one of the most important issues in business today. It's also one of the most critical hard dollar issues: it's now been proven that high trust among people in an organization directly correlates to high profitability.

How do you enhance trust in your client relationships?

Bad news: It's easier said than done.

The following 4 things can have a dramatic impact upon your bottom line as an independent professional and small business owner:

1. Openness - a willingness to listen to others about issues, and encouraging others to speak up; differences of opinion are sought and valued.

2. Straightforwardness - saying what needs to be said in a non-threatening and non- judgmental manner; conflicts are faced, not avoided.

3. Acceptance - appreciating others who are different in behavioral styles, approaches, and appearances. This is the one element that sets the stage for the success of all other elements of trust.

4. Reliability - will follow through on or do what was said or promised would be done.

Question: What's your trust quotient? What have you done recently to increase it? What are you willing to commit to doing, both for yourself and your clients, to make sure the
trust factor is addressed in your work?

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