Thursday, June 5

Small Business Marketing Expand your targets for free 

From the excellent IMC Consultants Tips newsletter that just came in this morning:
Q: With the skills and experience I have, there are probably several other industries I could target for my consulting practice. What's a relatively easy way to scope out these industries?
A: There are the usual suspects: team with another consultant, go to seminars, attend industry trade shows or conferences, etc. These are one-shot opportunities and have some value. However, they do not provide insight into the full range of culture, operations, and trends of an industry.
Consider immersing yourself in several candidate industries by reading journals of that industry or technical specialization. At this point, you are thinking, "I barely have time to read my Daily Tips, much less subscribe to a bunch of journals."
I am not suggesting you devote a lot of time to each industry. However, consider this a marketing investment - there are more difficult and expensive ways to familiarize yourself with an industry than reading about key players, technology, finance, vendors, trends, customers, best practices and opportunities for improvements.
Tip: Subscribe - for free - to several industry journals at www.tradepub.com and  www.freebizmag.com. You can receive weekly or monthly journals in IT, education, supply chain, healthcare, strategy, procurement and others. The selection of available magazines depends on your stated profile (industry, position) so describe yourself carefully.
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