Monday, May 5

Get your people to do "incredible things" 

The question for me is how do we convert business into a form of fun and sharing and stretching and fulfillment that is as touchable as graduating summa cum laude? That's when you get the buy in. That's when people say 'I'm going to do incredible things.
-- David Johnson, former CEO of Campbell Soup

David Johnson was a relentless competitor. He pushed, pulled, and stretched his people towards very challenging goals. At the same time, if an employee reached those goals, he would literally hire a brass band to serenade them.

Johnson was known for saying things like "the competition is always plotting to kill you." So this guy takes business seriously.

But also look at the words he uses: fun, sharing, stretching, fulfillment.

Do you value those things in the heat of the battle?

Exercise: Write down some challenging goals you're working toward right now:

Write down some fun, sharing, stretching, or fulfilling ways to approach them:

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