Friday, April 4

Treat employees like partners 

Treat employees like partners, and they act like partners. 
-- Fred Allen

The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.
-- J. Paul Getty

Some of the best companies today have turned themselves upside down. They've found that the old top-down pyramid style management chart doesn't work. So they've flipped the pyramid over and given employees more say in what goes on and how to get the job done better.

Want to turn things upside down in your organization? Here are some things to try:

1. Challenge employees to come up with their own better ways to do their jobs. You may be surprised at how valuable some suggestions are.

2. Seek out ideas from everyone, not just those who have a direct involvement with the job. Good ideas can come from unlikely sources.

3. Spread authority around. If the largest part of the pyramid is to be at the top, the top people should have authority.

4. Treat employees with honesty and respect. Don't dictate to them if they are not going to have their ideas enacted. Explain the reasons that underlie a decision or policy. Be
dependable and accountable for your words and actions. Otherwise, numbers 1-3 won't matter.

By giving employees more control over their work environment and more involvement in running their jobs, you tap into a valuable source of ideas and productivity - and that pays off for everyone.

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