Friday, March 28

Keep your mind on the hole you're playing.  

Keep your mind on the hole you're playing.
-- Tom Kite

I am not a golfer, but the following bits of wisdom from former US Open champion Tom Kite have value far beyond the links.

You can only play one hole at a time. That's the first step toward how to think like a pro. An important key to a successful game is staying in the present.

Resist the urge to add it up. If you anticipate your score, you'll be distracted from the task at hand.

Focus. Concentrate on hitting great shots rather than worrying about bad ones or what others will think. Visualize the ball going to your target. If your mind wanders, refocus and start over again.

Don't worry about the shot you just missed, or how you're going to play the 18th. Taking care of the present lets the future take care of itself.

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