Friday, May 4

'Boom-boom-goodbye' communication 

The HR Cafe: "'Boom-boom-goodbye' communication

This post will take you less than 60 seconds to read. And you'll be reminded of what's arguably the most important thing about effective communication.

All thanks to my insurance agent. For years I’ve met with my insurance agent once a year for half an hour. In these meetings he’s revealed all sorts of things about his family, hobbies and travels – and asked me about mine. But what I remember most about him is that when he calls me on the phone he rarely spends more 15 seconds.
“Did you get the form I e-mailed you? Great. Send it along. See ya.”

I know this is calculated on his part. He’s a great salesman because he’s developed a relationship with me, but he never, ever abuses it. He respects my time. Every communication is fast and efficient. And guess what? No matter how busy I am I always take his calls.

In HR, communication is critical. But I think many employees feel HR bombards them with information. Next time you communicate with your people, try to adopt the 'boom, boom, goodbye' communication style of my insurance agent. I think your message might get through more effectively, and your employees might be more eager to listen to what you have to say next time you reach out to them.

Remember: 'Less is more.' Goodbye.

Stephen Meyer
B21 Publisher

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