Sunday, April 29

Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way 

Check this out about the book SEMPER FI: Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way by Rod Walsh and Dan Carrison...

Former Marines Dan Carrison and Rod Walsh suggest what the business world can learn from the United States Marine Corps. That is, 'Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way.' For example: How to attract a greater number of candidates to identify 'the few' to hire, use your own 'best and brightest' to conduct interviews, determine which candidates are most compatible with your organization's core values, and how to accelerate the orientation of 'recruits' ( e.g. use of a 'boot camp') as well as to measure performance of everyone accurately.

Carrison and Walsh correlate specific situations in the Marine Corps with those in the business world. At the end of each chapter, they provide a Leadership Strategies Checklist.'

Carrison and Walsh suggest that, 'If all employees in a company, from the CEO to the line assembler, believe that they work for the best company in the industry, that they are without peer, and that those who work for the competition do so because they are not qualified to work for the best in the business, then an applicant may be motivated to join for reasons other than money.' Executives who 'command from a forward position' get out from behind a desk and leave the office to walk the shop floor. They visit other facilities, meet with small groups of employees to brief them on company news, attend initial meetings with prospects, call on customers, attend trade shows, and in countless other ways 'fight side-by-side with the troops' there in the 'trenches'...whatever and wherever those trenches may be.

Carrison and Walsh conclude: "Imagine an organization in which the majority of its creative and intelligent people walked around all day with the thought 'XYZ Corp must not fail' in the back of their minds. Such an organization would be formidable indeed." It remains for each reader to determine what is most relevant to her or his own organization. Whenever groups of people are assembled with a common purpose, there will always be a need for leadership. With more than 200 years of experience developing leaders "throughout the ranks", the Marine Corps has suggestions especially worthy of consideration.


David's comment: This is exactly the kind of thinking and client input that caused my team to create the new professional development program, STARS from the Start(tm) coming in 2007... stay tuned. Pilot clients are already coming on board and we're very excited about sharing the early results and outcomes. Stay tuned!

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