Tuesday, March 20

Translate business strategies into clear objectives and tactics 

Translate business strategies into clear objectives and tactics


Most managers acknowledge the importance of planning and goal setting. Sometimes, however, time pressures get in the way. Setting aside time to identify and develop your business goals and strategies is the first step in improving your ability to plan and manage effectively.

In order to develop successful plans, it is necessary for managers both to understand their organization's strategic vision and to incorporate that vision into their plans and day-to-day operations. To clarify and increase your understanding in this area, ask yourself questions such as:
* What is the organization's strategic vision?
* What does that mean for me and my unit?
* What are the future opportunities?
* What talents and resources will I need to accomplish my part?

Once you have developed business strategies, translate them into clear objectives and tactics. Consider the following suggestions:

* Once you and your people have developed your vision and mission, work with them to formulate strategies, specific objectives, and tactics to accomplish the objectives.
* Review your department’s strategies, objectives, and tactics for compatibility with the organization’s strategic plans.
* Identify colleagues who appear to have well-defined strategic plans. Ask what process they used to develop objectives and tactics.
* Ask your direct reports to submit an annual work plan for your review and then use their ideas to construct an operational plan for the department.
* Plan an off-site retreat with your direct reports to brainstorm and choose the most viable tactics for reaching objectives.
* Communicate your department’s business strategies and objectives to peers in other departments. Seek input on objectives and tactics that might affect them.

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