Tuesday, January 30

A great anti-e-learning rant 

It is my belief that e-learning is great for e-topics. Computers. Software. Timesheets. Great. Where most companies get burned in my experience is when they try to extend e-learning to non-e-topics.

Like new hire orientation or new manager development. These are inherently face-to-face learning opportunities. You can transfer knowledge through a screen, but you can't transfer attitudes, guts, heart, and BusinessDNA - the genetic code of the 'way we do things around here.'

In my not so humble opinion, you need to do those things the old fashioned way... around the fire, looking into their eyes, breathing the same air, and at times, eyeball-to-eyeball if necessary.

Anyway, take a look at this great anti-e-learning rant from CIO magazine (of all places!):
We have a massive training problem. We need skilled workers and we can’t find them. There are plenty of workers; they just aren’t skilled in the ways employers demand. The schools don’t help. They stick to an outdated curriculum because the forces allied against change are insurmountable. Businesses have to take training into their own hands. To do this, they must understand learning and how it works. Otherwise, they replicate what has been done in schools; and the schools are broken, so replicating them is a really bad idea. While the emergence of the Web may have caused people to think about training again, it has not necessarily helped them think about training in a good way.

My 2 cents on this: Amen!!!

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