Monday, August 7

Sales secret from David Newman 

Have you ever been Wal-Marted? Have you lost a prospect to a low-cost provider? Do you believe your product/service is probably better than what they ended up with? Good! So do I. So how do you capitalize on that?

Here's the secret: Losing a deal to a low cost provider can sometimes be more valuable in the long run.

When the lowest priced product or service doesn't meet the expectations of a customer (and often, it won't!!), a deeper appreciation of the price/ value relationship is developed.

This can create a new sales opportunity from what was initially lost - an opportunity for a much stronger business relationship than otherwise may have existed.

Just try and avoid telling your new customer, "Nyah, nyah, nyah... I told you so!" and take the check to the bank instead.

-- Motivational speaker David Newman

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