Monday, April 30

Sales and Marketing - Fax it! 

From Sales and Marketing Management:

Think faxes are as antiquated as manual dial telephones? Think again. 'For many organizations plain old faxes are still the way much of their business is conducted,' says Steve Adams, vice president of marketing at Protus IP Solutions, an applications service provider in Ottawa, Canada. Adams suggests why below:

1. Faxes: A Greater Impact
A marketing message via e-mail might be one of 200 customers receive that day. Faxes can be more impactful as a marketing tool, Adams says, simply because faxes stand out in a world where most companies have decided to use the Internet as their marketing tool of choice. Experts say it's still a strong marketing tool for many businesses. And with color faxing and other features these days, such as 600 dpi faxing capability, faxes offer rich options for sending marketing materials and messages.

2. Faxing = Technical Flexibility
With the advancement of new technologies, many might think faxing has gone the way of the cave man. Think again. Many companies are finding that their current fax machines can, through a few technology upgrades, be used with the latest technology, such as VOiP, making them capable of transitioning with the latest communications systems.

3. Fax = Greater Versatility
Thanks to communication between various machines, e-mail programs can send documents to fax machines and vice versa. That means your marketing message can be spread across that many more outlets via fax. It also means you don't even need a fax machine to send faxes?since they can be electronically sent from your computer.

4. Reduced Costs with Faxes
With Internet fax services proliferating, the increased competition means better faxing capabilities for less money. "By eliminating fax machines or fax server hardware," Adams says. "Companies can save up to 34 percent on monthly faxing costs."

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