Wednesday, June 28

Marketing Online - www.500words.com 

This came across my desk earlier this week from Joel Comm. I'm passing it along for its sheer creativity and marketing genius. I make no money from promoting this site - but it IS cool!!!

* ** COOL ALERT! ***

Or maybe I should say "ULTRA COOL ALERT!"

Why, because that is what everyone is saying when they see my latest project... And you are going to want to look fast because opportunity is slipping away by the moment!

And let me say this... Because you have purchased one or more of my products, you are hearing about this before my other lists. All the more reason to act fast.

Ok, Joel... what's the big deal?

Do you remember when the MillionDollarHomePage.com launched last year? All of a sudden, this page received TONS of attention and was launched to a top 5000 site on the internet! THOUSANDS of people were visiting this web site because it was novel and innovative. And those who advertised on the site received lots of NEW TRAFFIC.

As a result, hundreds of "pixel ad" pages sprung up online...

But image ads do NOTHING for search engine indexing... It's clever, but nothing more.

Which brings me to my new site...


500 Words is exactly that... FIVE HUNDRED WORDS.

But these aren't just ANY words. No, my friends. These are words that YOU can claim as your very own to link DIRECTLY to your web site!

Ah, I see the light bulbs going on over heads as I speak...

The Million pixel page sold 1 million pixels.. tons of sites being advertised in a hodge-podge of an image mess.

The 500 word page is clean, innovative, novel, easy-to-read and PRACTICAL!

We now know that incoming keyword links are CRUCIAL for search engine optimization.

I am giving you an opportunity to OWN the word of your choice on this special page that will be online for at least two years!

In other words... ULTRA COOL!

On top of that, you can choose the font size, presentation, color scheme and mouse rollover text to go with your claimed word!

News of this page is already getting out as words are being claimed.

Sunday's Alexa ranking was already 23,213 (after three days of being live!)

A press release hits the newswire TODAY and the fire is going to spread quickly. What's more, other sites have begun linking TO 500words.com, so the power of linking is demonstrated once again.

Want new traffic? Go where people are looking! And I guarantee that LOTS of people will be looking at 500words.com

There are only 500 words available. When they are gone, they are gone. That's it. No more.

But want to see something even COOLER?

If you don't find a word that you want to own, simply SUGGEST a word! If we have space, we will remove a word from the page and replace it with YOUR WORD.

I expect copycats of this concept to spring up on other sites, but remember, you heard it here first.

Now go claim YOUR WORD before someone else does!


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