Saturday, April 29

Why You Should Podcast 

From Sales & Marketing Management:

With podcasting the rage among consumers, it was only a matter of time before business-to-business marketers caught up. And they have with a vengeance, as more and more of them are targeting prospects and clients with podcasts. Here are reasons you should institute a podcast:

1. Speech Is Louder Than Print
Far more captivating than whitepapers or newsletters, podcasts are a more effective way to capture an audience, experts say, with content that's much more alive than words on paper. The dialogue of a podcast can strike tones of emphasis that print simply can't achieve.

2. Convenience for Customers
Clients can listen to podcasts at their convenience by downloading them to portable devices. That means your marketing message can literally be in their pocket—in or out of the office—which is less invasive and more considerate of their limited time. And it pushes your message farther, because they can carry the message with them, listen to it repeatedly, or share it with others.

3. Easier on You
Podcasts are far easier to set up and change than a Web site, offering sales managers a much easier way to alter and distribute new marketing and sales messages week after week.

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