Saturday, March 31

Selling in the Zone 

Here's something that just came in from monster sales news:
Sell in the Zone
by Chris Lytle
Monster Contributing Writer

What is selling like when you are at your very best? How do you feel? How do you behave? How do your customers react? I asked a group of high tech salespeople and field service engineers those questions at an Orlando seminar. Here are some of their replies:

When I'm at my best, I:

Feel connected with the customer.

Feel valued.

Use more gestures.

Walk tall.

Sell without a lot of effort -- it flows.

Am energized.

Find the right words without a lot of thinking or effort.

Get the customer to participate and reveal real needs.

Am in the zone.

Have you ever been in the zone? You were so focused on the customer that you weren't worrying about whether or not you would make the sale?

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