Tuesday, December 6

It's that time of year: 'Call me back after the holidays.' 

From my man Jeffrey Gitomer's weekly sales e-newsletter...

It's that time of year: 'Call me back after the holidays.'

Humbug. Salespeople hate holidays. It's an excuse for decision makers to put buying decisions on hold. But the worst of them are the Christmas to New Year, 'Call me back after the holidays,' and 'Call me after the first of the year.' Two of the most hated phrases in sales. (They still rank behind 'We've decided to buy from someone else.')

Call me after the holidays is not an objection. It's worse. It's a stall. Stalls are twice as bad as objections. When you get a stall, you have to somehow dance around it, and then you still must find the real objection before you can proceed.

Here are 11.5 clever lines and winning tactics to use that will help overcome the stall:
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