Thursday, October 27

Marketing for professional services done right!! 

I just came across this website in doing some research for my latest book, "The Manager's Guide to Using Consultants" from HRD Press.

But here's the point - this website I found is GREAT!! From a marketing angle, these guys are doing EVERYTHING right - and I mean EVERYTHING on one, small, concise little part of one web page.

Please take a look, and I'll walk you through all the elements that you can (and SHOULD) copy for your own professional services website:


1. Headline - Use headlines, people!!! Websites without headlines look as goofy as newspapers without headlines - people are lost and confused. Plus internet research proves that people don't READ web pages - they SCAN. Headlines help scannability! Plus, this headline reaches out to a specific audience with a specific service, and reassures them that this is the RIGHT place (a cliche, but an effective one!)

Looking for Facilitator Training?
You've come to the right place!

2. Credibility - BAM BAM BAM BAM!!! Doug Hall calls these "Real Reasons to Believe" and all 5 of these are VERY strong:

We train more facilitators than anyone on the east coast!
Give us 4 days and learn 90+ techniques, with 6 practices, feedback and videotaping
Give us 5 days and we will prepare you for certification by NIFac!
Clients include top consulting and training firms like Price Waterhouse Coopers, Gartner, & Dale Carnegie!
Selected 4 years running by the International Association of Facilitators to provide pre-conference workshops!

3. Opt-in, opt-in everywhere. No, you cannot have too many opportunities to capture email addresses on a website - but you should go one step further and use a special download or special report: it's more powerful and pulls much better than the standard "subscribe to our newsletter."

Sign-up for
Our Newsletter

4. Compare apples to oranges... not apples to going hungry. Always help prospects decide HOW to use your services, not WHETHER to use your services. This language is subtle, but, again, very effective:

Learn which of our facilitation courses is best for you...

5. Be easy to do business with - using an 800 number enhances credibility, trust, and establishes a professional outfit. They're cheap - $5-15 a month to look like a pro. Get one!!

Call Today for More Information: 800.824.2850

6. Testimonials on every page. Don't be shy with these - use 'em everywhere. People should not be able to (digitally) spit without hitting a testimonial. And NEVER make testimonials anonymous. Use full names, departments, companies. Always ask permission, of course, since that's the right thing to do. But don't cram all your gems into a single page called "Testimonials" or "Client success" - you want these EVERYWHERE.

"I have had amazing feedback from my first go at facilitating and am looking forward to further developing the skills. There is no way I could have achieved the 'Buy-In' to the training materials without the skills I gained from your course. Thank you Leadership Strategies!"
Garry Cullen
Lend Lease Investments Inc.

OK - that's all the free advice my wife is allowing me to give out today. If you want more, check out:
For consultants, entrepreneurs, and business owners:
For larger organizations looking for leadership, innovation, and sales effectiveness programs:

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