Friday, October 21

Marketing: Fix the System vs. Solve a Problem 

There are two kinds of marketing - there's the revolutionary type and the evolutionary type. The revolution = Fix the System. The system is broken; we need an overhaul; it's not working; in Shakespeare's terms, the line would be "Ring the alarum bell!" (Macbeth, Act 2, Scene iii) [Sorry, I was a Drama major in college!]

This type of marketing is OK if you're big - think about some great examples of this type of marketing:
The '1984' Super Bowl commercial that put Apple computer and the Macintosh on the map
The launch of Saturn - A different kind of car company
Ben & Jerry's - a socially conscious ice cream company with a triple bottom line

But you know what? For a small consulting firm, ad agency, architecture firm, this is a hard row to hoe.

You know what's MUCH easier to sell? The heck with the system - just fix a PROBLEM. People have problems all day long. They're much less engaged in fixing the "system" - after all, that's somebody else's problem, isn't it?

This puts a whole new spin on the old adage, "Think globally, act locally." Maybe in terms of your marketing it should be "Deliver revolution tomorrow, sell evolution today."

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