Wednesday, October 26

Cease to complain 

Cease to complain.

The weather.
The traffic.
My boss.
My customer.
My prospect.
My colleagues.
My organization.
My industry.
The economy.

I don’t have enough… But I really need…

I can’t… If only [he, she, they] would…

It’s been a tough [day, week, month]…

It’s [Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday]...

Cease to complain and watch your sales, your creativity, your clarity, your productivity, your profitability, your happiness multiply exponentially.
Cease to complain and start to focus on what's working.
Cease to complain and concentrate on...

Solutions, not problems
Suggestions, not complaints
Recommendations, not alternatives
Answers, not questions
Facts, not assumptions
Reasons, not excuses
Specifics, not generalities

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