Thursday, September 8

Saying Goodbye to Clients 

From a Sales & Marketing Management email that came across my desk this morning:

Saying Goodbye to Clients
How to give clients the boot

If you'd like to give a few current clients the boot, you're not alone. Many companies would. Kim DeMotte, founder and managing partner of Power of No, a consulting company based in St. Louis, suggests these ways for dealing with the delicate situation:

Small and Poor
Got a client whose tiny buys aren't worth your while? Let the contact know that your company has decided to work only with clients with certain budgets. For long-term relationships, sever ties in person.

Getting Rid of the Rude
It's tough to tolerate a jerk. If the relationship is too tense, say so, then cut the ties but give the person a chance to change his tune.

The Never-Ending Deal
Customers with more demands but no more buys are a waste of time. Explain that they have asked for more than you're willing to commit.

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