Wednesday, September 21

Lead Generation: From Lukewarm to Sold 

Lead Generation: "From Lukewarm to Sold!"

From a piece I wrote for Sales & Marketing Management:

Many sales professionals don't know how to convert lukewarm prospects to high-probability leads. First, let's define what a "lukewarm prospect" is.

A prospect can be considered lukewarm if:
* they've at least heard of your company name and product/service offering.
* they've expressed interest on a superficial level - stopped by your trade
show booth and entered a drawing, clicked through to your website on an email blast, returned a postcard to request a free report.

Here are some strategies to move them from interest to action:

1. Send them something additional of value - a white paper, a report, a
checklist, or a "how to select the best vendor" guide (which, of course,
lists smart things to look for in ANY vendor they might choose... using
criteria that your company also happens to score a 100% on!)

2. Once they've responded to information, add an element of urgency which
will convert the information "sale" to a product or service "sale." Send a
time limited offer, throw in extra services, special discounts, or use
bundling and supersizing to offer extra value. Reference their earlier
interest, and communicate a clear deadline for the added value offer.

3. Get personal. Use web conferencing, audio teleseminars, or even audio
CD's to add a personal dimension to the sales process. Sending out a
60-minute audio CD can be much more effective than sending another brochure,
catalog, or sales letter. The personal connection of hearing a voice and the
added intimacy of 1-on-1 communication can enhance a feeling of familiarity,
trust, and connection that leads lukewarm prospects from casual interest to
a sale!

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