Friday, August 5

Marketing is NOT the same as PR! 


A number of my clients are asking me, "so David, working with you replaces the need to pay my PR person his monthly retainer, right? Because I'm not really happy with the results that this PR guy is giving me."

Let me answer in 4 short words: No, No, NO, and NO!!!

Marketing and sales strategy is much broader than PR. PR is only a single tactic - and it's a tactic that most independent professionals and business owners get WRONG. They think that PR is about spreading press releases or media kits as wide as possible - giving them out like candy on Halloween - and hoping for some "hits" if they're picked up once in a while.

(This is about as stupid as relying on cold calling for most of your sales. In other words, FOR YOU it will not work. If you're a Fortune 100 corporation and have armies of call center professionals dialing hundreds of thousands of numbers, yes, it works and it works well.)

So, let me set the record straight. For effective PR, you only need one source - http://www.prleads.com Read over the website carefully, and if you decide to join, please tell owner Dan Janal you heard about it from me.

PRLEADS has worked great for me and for a lot of my clients and colleagues... and it will work great for you. How do I know? Because it positions you as the expert and reporters seek YOU out exactly when they need your expertise the most -- when they're writing a story that requires someone JUST LIKE YOU to provide commentary, analysis, and opinion. They need you. You do not need them. They come to you. You don't knock on doors hoping someone might answer.

As for working with me, and how that's different than PR, all I can say is take a look here.

I'll write more about PR goofs shortly - stay tuned for the story of the paperboy who was asked to do brain surgery -- and said YES!

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