Thursday, August 18

It's the Content, Stupid: Search Engine Optimization 

Gerry McGovern is simply brilliant - check this out from his website:

"The essence of what a search engine focuses on is the words that people search for. The words people use when searching are the ultimate distillation of what they care about. Search is an activity that strips things down to their essential meaning.

If you want to be successful at being found by people who search, you must use their carewords, not yours. The customer controls the message today. It is their language that dictates the communication. You must use their words, not yours, if you want to be found.

In a given month, thousands of people will search for 'low fares' but millions will search for 'cheap flights.' Low fares is airline industry language. Cheap flights is consumer language. If you want to get found, use the words of your customer."

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