Monday, July 25

Innovation Nation 

Here's a quick survey on innovative culture in your organization:

Are you regularly asked for ideas?
Do you have time to explore many possibilities?
Do you think we're always seeking better ways to do things and seeing new trends?

Developing People
Do you have ample resources for your personal and professional development?
Do you feel trusted and respected by your co-workers and the organization?
Do you receive ample feedback on your performance?

Do you have opportunities to champion ideas you care about?
Who is your innovation hero in the organization?
Do you feel passionate about your work?

Do we embrace lessons learned from our failures?
Does your receive ample support for your personal and professional growth?

Do you feel free to make many decisions about your work?
Do you feel you can freely speak your mind?

Do you feel our organization makes a positive contribution to the world?
Do you feel you are challenged to do your best work?

Profit & Success
Do we celebrate success often enough?
Do we strive to create value for our customers?
Does everyone here understand our vision and goals?

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