Thursday, July 7

Five Reasons e-Newsletters Get Trashed 

This just came across my email today.

Good stuff - and right on target for you e-newsletter publishers!

Five Reasons e-Newsletters Get Trashed
By Dianna Huff

What are some of the reasons people delete e-newsletters without reading them?

1. Irregular Publishing Schedule.
2. Too Much Content.
3. Content Focused On Company's Products Or Services Only.
4. Sidebar Clutter.
5. Not Formatted For Printing And Saving.

Read the complete article + tips here.

Don't let your newsletter get trashed. Give readers valuable content, keep the design clean, make it easy to read (and print!) and stick to a regular publishing schedule. You'll see a noticeable increase in click-through rates—and, over time, an increase in leads and sales.

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