Wednesday, June 15

Motivation vs. Talent 

Motivation is what we LIKE to do naturally. Talent is what
we DO well naturally. They can exist independently, but when
they combine, they create something special. They create
motivated talents.

People often are naturally good at something (talented), but it
just doesn’t turn them on. Most people have such talents.
But then there are those talents that we really enjoy using.
These are the motivated talents, and this is where the magic is.

We use motivated talents every chance we get. Most of the time
we don’t even think about it. It’s natural and unforced. You enjoy it,
and you're good at it. That’s the hallmark of a motivated talent.

Motivated talents tend to be irrepressible. They find expression.
In fact, if you’ve ever tried to stifle a motivated talent (either
yours or someone else’s) it probably felt like you were trying
to hold two dozen ping pong balls under water at the same time.
Motivated talents pop out, even if no one else is asking for them.
And doesn’t that make sense? After all, it’s what we do well
AND enjoy.

For example, one of my favorite clients told me once, "David, you
can't open your mouth without teaching!" Teaching is one of my
motivated talents.

Now, the question is...
What are YOUR motivated talents?

...and perhaps more importantly: are you using your motivated
talents to market your services, make your work remarkable, different,
cooler, better, stronger, smarter? And are you able to ARTICULATE and
DISTINGUISH yourself from all the marketing noise out there, so your
clients and prospects can CLEARLY see how you're a one-of-a-kind

Think about it... then feel free to call me or email me for a 10-15 minute chat
(no cost, no strings) about your marketing and sales questions. My number
is 610.527.5325. Why is this free? Because you're giving me a chance to
use MY motivated talents, and I LOVE IT!!!

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