Monday, June 13

Are you losing 74% of potential business? 

74% of Professional Services Purchasers Say They Would Be "Much More Likely" to Consider Hiring a Service Provider if They Listened Better

A newly released customer-side research study from RainToday.com titled How Clients Buy: The Benchmark Report on Professional Services Marketing and Selling from the Client Perspective, finds that "service provider didn't listen to me" is the most widely experienced problem faced by purchasers of professional services when they are buying services. 41% of the survey's nearly 200 respondents indicated that they have recently faced this problem.

Additionally, 74% of those reporting the problem said they would be "much more likely" to consider hiring the provider if the provider listened better.

"Professionals typically pride themselves on their listening skills," said Mike Schultz, report co-author and Publisher of RainToday.com. "It seems as a group their listening skills leave a lot to be desired, and if they improved here they would win a significant amount of more business."

Among other problems faced during the process of purchasing professional services are provider did "not understand my needs" (40%), "did not craft compelling solution to my needs" (31%), "did not convince me of value I would receive" (32%), "had poor presentation skills" (24%), and "seemed to lack enthusiasm for winning my business" (24%).

The study presents opinions of decision makers within a diverse set of companies on how they identify, evaluate, and eventually hire professional service providers. Collectively, the participants themselves purchased more than $1.6 billion dollars annually of professional services.

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