Wednesday, May 18

Why Target wins over Wal-Mart 

Target wins over Wal-Mart in the media NOT because:
* Target is a better corporate citizen
* Wal-Mart sells more items imported from China
* Target treats its employees or suppliers better
* Target pays its employees more or has better benefits

Target wins over Wal-Mart in the media for the same reason that Apple beats
Microsoft in the media. In one word:


Target is all about high design at low prices. Want a Michael Graves
designer toilet brush? Great! Target has one. Wal-Mart doesn't.

Target has snappy print and TV ads. Wal-Mart doesn't.

Target is about a lifestyle (pronounced Tar-JAY if you please). Wal-Mart is
about cheap and quick transactions.

Wal-Mart shoppers NEED to shop there to economize; Target shoppers WANT to
shop there to splurge!

Wal-Mart vs. Target is a perfect example of brand positioning at work. They
are both big-box retailers. They both probably treat and pay their employees
similarly. They probably both exploit low priced foreign manufacturing. But
Target's registered tagline is "Design for all. Every day for everyone" and
Wal-Mart's is "Always low prices. Always." Which one captures your
imagination? Which one is "the good guy"? Easy choice, right?

There's nothing sexy or smart about low prices. There is something
definitely both sexy and smart about style and design. The media loves sexy
and smart. Who doesn't?

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