Saturday, May 21

Too damn lazy 

People often ask me how I get quoted in the media - do I use a PR firm, do I have a virtual assistant blasting packets to every reporter in the country, am I faxing and emailing press releases daily? The answer is NO. I use a great service called PRLEADS run by Dan Janal.

You should look into it - www.prleads.com. Review the website, and if it seems right for you, JOIN for $99 a month. You can try it, keep it if you like it, and drop out at any time and pay nothing further. If you give it a shot, please tell Dan you heard about it from me, right here on the old blog!!

Now, this came across my desk... a freelancer is writing a book, and here is what she put out to the PRLEADS list:

**1. BUSINESS: American Small Businesses -- Freelancer (US)
For a book proposal, I'm looking for information on small businesses in
America: demographics, statistics, especially information relating to marketing.

To me, this is incredibly stupid. If I give her all this beautiful research (which any one of us could find in 20 minutes on Google or by calling the local SCORE or SBDC offices)... well, then, heck, I guess I could write the book, couldn't I? And I suppose that's why I have written my six books - because I'm willing to do the WORK.

As I say in my UNCONSULTING seminars on sales and marketing, YOU GOTTA DO THE WORK!!!. There are no shortcuts. [Oy.]

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