Monday, May 2

Reflections from the road 

This isn't directly about sales or marketing or business... or is it?!?

From my friend and Philadelphia "Company of Friends" coordinator Valeria Maltoni:

Yesterday I ran and survived the 10-mile Broad Street
Marathon. It was amazing for me to see how many people
participated enthusiastically after waiting for over
an hour in the cold rain.

During the two-hour journey, I had the opportunity to
observe people at their best. A few reflections I'd
like to offer:

- While we continued to run together, many of us chose
and maintained our own pace to reflect unique style
and strengths.

- As we passed neighborhoods we would not normally
drive or walk through, we found people cheering at the
sidelines with music, voices, or just their presence.

- Everyone who had already completed the race and had
at some point or another ran alongside greeted the
people who crossed the finish line with enthusiasm.

My goal was to complete the race. However, right from
the start, I felt I was part of something greater.
There was a connection, a spirit that transcended my
own and transmitted a sense of community.

Is our run through life a single-minded race? Do we
take the time to touch the people on the sidelines who
are there to encourage us? Do we allow them to
celebrate our success? Are we treasuring what we find
along the way, no matter how it shows up?

Connections do matter.

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