Tuesday, May 24

The New School 

Tagline of the day: The New School in NYC

Their ad campaign asks, "Can your 'next life' begin during this one?" And then caps it off with the tag:

The New School prepares you for a life already in progress.

Yes, YES, YES!!! Seize your Life, your Work, and your Self by the horns and just $#%^&* DO IT!!!!

Man, I'm all sweaty now. Meanwhile, I'm starting working with a new client - this guy is READY. I suggested a web domain name for a new part of his business he wants to develop, and within [literally] minutes, he bought the site, forwarded it with domain masking, and it points to his current site (for now). I love this guy!!! His new venture is ALREADY IN PROGRESS.

Gotta drink less Starbucks... Sheesh!!

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