Wednesday, May 25

Custom signature files that sell 

As Alan Weiss likes to say, "I'm amazed at how dumb I was 2 weeks ago."

I've been ranting on and on that your email signature file should not only have a 'hot' (clickable) link to your website, but that you also NEED to give people a REASON to click. Nobody is going to click on a link because they're thinking, "Wow, David has a website... wonder what it looks like."

So my email signature file looks like this:

David Newman | UNCONSULTING | 610.527.5325

Visit http://www.unconsulting.com/subscribe.php
to receive the Unconsulting Update jammed with
resources, articles, and tips on innovative sales &
smarter marketing. Issued every 6 weeks or so.

Can't wait? Then visit my marketing and sales blog

Now, what if you kick that up a notch and add a CUSTOM line or two based on who you're writing to?

For example, when writing to a hotel industry client, I simply added this:

Ask about "Inn Service" our latest offering for the hospitality industry

When writing to speakers, trainers, and consultants, I now add this:

Learn more about the Professional Speaking Bootcamp July 19-21, 2005
to build your speaking muscle, marketing, and momentum!

So the idea is... use every email as a marketing vehicle, mini-teaser, or venue for generating further inquiries into your services! Elementary, my dear Watson.

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