Tuesday, March 29

My email turning down thousands of dollars of work 

Sent moments ago... thought I'd share this for the betterment of the consulting profession:

Dear XXX:

In a strange turn of events (and with a healthy dose of gut feeling and intuition), I'm declining to work with you fabulous people on this project.

It looks like you're in good hands with ZZZ Corp, as they list among their
marketing services:
Concept Development
Target Market Analysis
Creative Design
Interactive Website Development
Marketing Systems Integration
Customer Profiling and CRM
Customer Acquisition Programs
Retention, Up Sell, and Cross Sell Programs

So there's your whole enchilada.

Frankly, from my side of the equation, this simply would not be fun for me, so I'm not doing it.

Thank goodness, I've been fortunate enough to develop my practice to the point where "if it ain't fun, I'm outta here" and I do not need to take on work that I feel won't burn the house down for my clients. And I cannot burn your house down, so I won't even start to play with the matches.

Best of luck. And thanks for all the fish!

-- D.

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